19951995 - Fukuoka JALT Events Archive

From Personalization to Participation: A Student-Centered Strategy
Raymond Steiner
March 26, 1995
Raymond Steiner led a workshop discussion on the fundamental theories underlying the approaches and theories of Krashen and Vygotsky. Consideration was given to just what constitutes student-centered teaching. Attendees report that this was an intellectually stimulating presentation that expanded their knowledge of current theory and provided useful insights and ideas that they could bring back to their classes.

Teacher Development -- Three Views. A Teacher Education Round Table
Jan Vissher, Paul Beaufait & Bobbie McClain
April 30, 1995
Jan Vissher, Paul Beaufait and Bobbie McClain are all active members of the Teacher Education N-SIG. In brief, each presenter gave a presentation that averaged 40 minutes. After the third presentation, they had the attendees rearrange the furniture so that we were all seated in a large circle. We were asked to reflect on what we had absorbed during the day, and to discuss our own teaching and training situations. (For a well-written, detailed account of the content of this meeting, I refer you to page 53 of August 1995's Language Teacher magazine.)

JALT Southwest Regional Conference
James Dean Brown, plenary speaker
May 14, 1995.
Fukuoka JALT was one of the cosponsors of this conference, which was hosted by Kitakyushu JALT.

Teaching English to Children: An Idea-Sharing Meeting
June 25, 1995
We achieved the highest attendance at a meeting to date (or at least the highest within our Treasurer's memory of five years' worth of meetings) as 63 people gathered for a workshop/presentation on teaching English to children. Annie Marquez and Sharonette Bowman teamed up for a rousing series of games and activities that got attendees up and involved. Other mini-presentations were led by Bill Pellowe, Bob Servetter, Phil Stewart and Frank Tucker.

Attracted to Irony: Echoes, Asides and Awareness
John McClain
July 23, 1995
John McClain delivered on his promise to provide "an informative, witty and provocative workshop/presentation" in what proved to be an enlightening and entertaining afternoon. While demonstrating practical ways to introduce irony into classes, McClain drew upon recent studies in experimental psychology as he expanded our general notion of irony's meaning.

People, Pictures, Pizzazz
Huw Tyler
September 24, 1995
Huw Tyler demonstrated techniques teachers can use to release the imaginative and creative potential of our students. The activities focused on nonverbal communication, visual stimuli to aid conversation practice, and exercises for voice production. A highly entertaining afternoon full of very practical ideas.

Teaching for Meaning: Theater Arts
Sandra Savignon
October 29, 1995
Sandra Savignon, as part of JALT's conference speakersp tour of Japan, presented some practical, communicative activities firmly rooted in current methodology. Sample activities included ensemble building and the development of both strategic and discourse competence.

Using Behavioral Objectives to Improve Classroom Instruction
Judith Johnson
November 19, 1995
Judith Johnson recently appeared in JALT's first published book, Language Testing in Japan. The purpose of her workshop was to enable teachers to identify student behaviors that correspond to desired learning outcomes, and to enable teachers to write clear, observable and measurable objectives that will help students better understand and achieve these outcomes.

Using Dictionaries to Advance Your Students' Learning
Karen Fraser
December 10
Karen Fraser demonstrated how computer analysis offers a clear, up-to-date picture of today's English, and how this is reflected in learners English/English dictionaries. She also demonstrated practical ideas for introducing students to using a learners dictionary as a tool for learning, as opposed to using dictionaries merely as a reference book. Karen is the Kyushu representative for Oxford University Press.

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